If Michigan Defends Ukraine

Michigan is a key state in the United States Defense Industrial Base.

Key Defense Partners:

DISTRICTSTATELOCATIONFacility and proof of manufacturing1Full DistrictSystemLatitudeLongitudeNOTES
MI-10MICHIGANSterling Heights, MIBAE SystemsM777 howitzer (155-millimeter) parts (Paladin M109A7)42.580276-83.030281
MI-10MICHIGANSterling Heights, MIBAE SystemsM88A2 Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lifting Evacuation System (HERCULES) Recovery Vehicle42.5748-83.2248
MI-03MICHIGANMuskegon, MIRENK America LLCArmored Multi-Purpose Vehicle and Bradley Fighting Vehicle System transmissions and ancillary hardware43.2338-86.2423
1Jack BergmanR202-225-4735House Committee on Armed Services; House Committee on Veterans’ AffairsNAY
2John R. MoolenaarR202-225-3561House Committee on Appropriations; House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal GovernmentNAY
3Hillary J. ScholtenD202-225-3831House Committee on Transportation and InfrastructureYEA
4Bill HuizengaR202-225-4401House Committee on Financial ServicesNAY
5Tim WalbergR202-225-6276House Committee on Energy and Commerce; House Committee on RulesNAY
6Debbie DingellD202-225-4071House Committee on Natural Resources; House Committee on Energy and Commerce; Joint Committee on TaxationYEA
7Elissa SlotkinD202-225-4872House Committee on Armed Services; House Committee on AgricultureYEA
8Daniel T. KildeeD202-225-3611House Committee on Ways and MeansYEA
9Lisa C. McClainR202-225-2106House Committee on Armed Services; Joint Economic CommitteeNAY
10John JamesR202-225-4961House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure; House Committee on Education and the WorkforceYEA
11Haley M. StevensD202-225-8171House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology; House Committee on Ethics; House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal GovernmentYEA
12Rashida TlaibD202-225-5126House Committee on Financial ServicesYEA
13Shri ThanedarD202-225-5802House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus PandemicYEA