Romania and Ukraine

Total commitments

0.126bn € (Rank: 29)

0.049% of GDP (Rank: 30)

Military commitments

0.004bn € (Rank: 31)

0.002% of GDP (Rank: 30)

Humanitarian commitments

0.122bn € (Rank: 17)

0.047% of GDP (Rank: 13)

Financial commitments

no aid pledged (Rank: n/a)

no aid pledged(Rank: n/a)

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Bilateral relations between Ukraine and Romania


Recognition of Ukraine: January 8, 1922. 

Establishment of diplomatic relations: February 2, 1992. 

Political relations:

Ukraine pays special attention to developing its relations with Romania as a neighbouring state, which unconditionally supports the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. Romania does not recognize the attempted illegal annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and russia’s temporarily occupation of the part of the territory of Ukraine, supports the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian State within internationally recognized borders, strongly condemns russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine and breach of international norms. Romania will continue to support Ukraine as long as it is necessary to win the war launched by russia, President Klaus Johannis assured.

On 7 March 2023 the Parliament of Romania adopted the “Declaration on the occasion of the anniversary of one year since the start of the aggressive war of the russian federation against Ukraine”.

Romania joined Ukraine’s lawsuits against the aggressor at the International Criminal Court, the UN International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights, is a member of the Joint Investigation Team for the Investigation of Crimes of the russian federation, and also became a member of the core group of countries for the creation of the Special Tribunal.

On 1 June 2023 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and President of Romania Klaus Werner Iohannis signed the Joint Declaration on the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

The aim of establishment of strategic partnership relations with Romania, given the role of this state in the EU, NATO and its strong position in the regional security system, would be a significant factor of stability in Central and Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region and an important element of the European security architecture.

Special attention is paid to deepening of bilateral cooperation with Romania in the economic and energy spheres as well as enhancement of connectivity through development of border infrastructure, which are of a strategic nature for both states.

Visits and contacts at the level of heads of state:

On June 2, 1997, the President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, paid an official visit to Romania; the Agreement on good-neighbourly relations and cooperation between Ukraine and Romania was signed in Constanta;

on May 27-28, 1999, the President of Romania, Emil Constantinescu, paid an official visit to Ukraine (Kyiv and Chernivtsi);

President of Romania Ion Iliescu paid an official visit to Ukraine on September 17-19, 2002 (Kyiv and Odesa);

on June 17, 2003, the President of Romania, Ion Iliescu, paid a working visit to Ukraine (Chernivtsi), the Agreement between Ukraine and Romania on the regime of the Ukrainian-Romanian state border, cooperation and mutual assistance on border issues was signed;

on April 21-22, 2005, the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, paid an official visit to Romania;

on February 1, 2006, the President of Romania, Traian Basescu, paid an official visit to Ukraine;

on October 30-31, 2007, the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, paid an official visit to Romania;

on August 20, 2008, the President of Romania, Traian Basescu, paid a working visit to Ukraine;

on March 17, 2015, the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, paid an official visit to Ukraine;

on April 21, 2016, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, paid an official visit to Romania;

on February 1, 2022, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, had a telephone conversation with the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis;

on June 16, 2022, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, met with the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, who, together with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, the Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz and the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, was in Ukraine on a visit;

on January 1, 2023, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, had a telephone conversation with the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis;

on June 1, 2023, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, held a meeting with the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis on the sidelines of the European Political Community Summit in the Republic of Moldova.

Meetings of the Presidents also took place within the framework of other international forums and multilateral meetings.

High-level bilateral bodies:

The Joint Ukrainian-Romanian Presidential Commission;

The Mixed Ukrainian-Romanian border Commission;

The Joint Ukrainian-Romanian Commission on Economic, Industrial, Scientific and Technical Cooperation

The Mixed Ukrainian-Romanian Intergovernmental Commission on Ensuring the Rights of Persons Belonging to National Minorities.


Bilateral treaties:

Number of documents in force: 70.

There are 18 drafts of bilateral normative acts under consideration and processing, including 9 intergovernmental and 9 inter-agency regulations.

The main bilateral documents:

The Agreement on Good-neighbourly Relations and Cooperation Between Ukraine and Romania, signed in Constanta on June 2, 1997 (the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified the Agreement on July 17, 1997, the Parliament of Romania on July 14, 1997).

The Agreement between Ukraine and Romania on the Regime of the Ukrainian and Romanian State Border, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance on Border Issues, signed on June 17, 2003 (ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on May 12, 2004, by the Parliament of Romania on April 5, 2004).

The Consular Convention between Ukraine and Romania, signed on September 3, 1992 (entered into force on March 14, 1995).


Trade and economic cooperation:

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the overall trade between Ukraine and Romania for the year of 2022 reached the amount of 5.123 billion USD, which is almost 2.3 higher than the results of 2021. The exports from Ukraine to Romania constituted 3.621 billion USD (2,4 times growth), while the imports from Romania to Ukraine estimated 1.502 billion USD (1.8 times growth). The same tendencies remained throughout the first three months of 2023. The bilateral trade amounted to 1.370 billion USD (first quarter of 2022 – 649 million USD), of which exports – 997 million USD (first quarter of 2022 – 425 million USD) and import 373 million USD (first quarter of 2023 – 123 million USD).

The main positions of Ukrainian export in 2022 and first quarter of 2023 were: grain cultures – 47%, food and beverages – 14%, non-precious metals and wares – 10%.

The main positions of Romanian import to Ukraine were: fossils and mineral fuels – 35%, chemical wares – 11%, means of land transportation other than railway – 7%. More details –


Ukrainian community:

According to the preliminary results of the 2021 population census 45.8 thousand ethnic Ukrainians live in Romania (-5.8 thousand in comparison with 2011).

The organization that officially represents the Ukrainian national minority in Romania: The Union of Ukrainians of Romania.

Representative of the Ukrainian national minority in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Romania: Head of the Union of Ukrainians of Romania Nicolae-Miroslav Petrețchi.

As a result of full-scale armed aggression of russia against Ukraine, many Ukrainian citizens were forced to flee their homes seeking safety, protection, and assistance abroad. As of June 2023, over 138,000 people have been granted temporary protection status in Romania.

Diplomatic representation of Ukraine: Embassy of Ukraine in Romania.

President Klaus Iohannis approved military aid for Ukraine: Armored personal carriers Self-propelled artillery
  • 152mm M1981s (D-20s) [May 2023].[389]
Multiple rocket launchers Ammunition
  • Undisclosed type of ammunition [February 2022][390]
  • Procurement of 155mm ammunition through European Defense Agency [To be delivered].[25]
  • Grad rockets [deliveries ongoing as of April 2023].[391]
Military gear
  • 2,000 combat helmets [February 2022].[392]
  • 2,000 bulletproof vests [February 2022].[392]
Miscellaneous aid
  • Fuel, food, water, and medicines [February 2022].[390]
  • €3 million ($3.3 million) worth of military equipment on 28 February 2022.[390][157]
  • As of 8 April, the Romanian government had reported 678,081 Ukrainians entering Romania.[249] Romanian Defense Minister Vasile Dîncu announced on 22 February 2022 that Romania could receive 500,000 refugees if necessary; the first refugees arrived two days later.[250] On 15 March, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu reported that about 80,000 remained in the country.[251]
  • Romania is also offering to treat the wounded in its 11 military hospitals.[252]
  • On 18 April, Romania donated 11 ambulances to the Ukrainian emergency services.[253]
  • On 22 March 2023, the Romanian government send RON562 million (€112 million) of food supplies to Ukraine.[254]